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Identafi 3000 Oral Cancer Screening

Identafi Pre-Oral Cancer Screning as part of a comprehensive diagnostic visit

Oral cancer is one of the most curable diseases when it's caught early. That's why the Identafi has been developed. Identafi 3000 uses technology that has proven successful in identifying soft tissue abnormalities in other areas of the body. An Identafi screening is particularly important if you are at increased risk for developing oral cancer. The Identafi screening can help your dentist or hygienist identify abnormal tissue, that might develop into oral cancer.

Dr. Myers is certified by ViziLite and Zila Pharmaceuticals as a provider for Pre-Oral Cancer Screening and is now utilizing the new technology of the Identafi for Pre-Oral Cancer screening.

Who should have a Identafi Sceening?

The American Cancer Society recommends that patients have a complete soft tissue examination (standard visual exam) at least once a year.

Identafi is used as part of an annual oral screening for patients at increased risk for oral cancer. Your dental professional may recommend a Identafi screening more frequently depending on your individual risk factors.

Oral Cancer Risk by Patient Profile:

Increased Risk:

An annual Identafi screening, in combination with a regular visual examination, provides a comprehensive oral screening procedure for patients at increased risk for oral cancer. The Identafi screening is painless and fast, and could help save your life.

The Identafi Pre-Oral Cancer screening is performed immediately following a regular visual examination

Patients age 18-39 with no lifestyle risk factors

Low Risk:

Patients age 40 and older with no risk factors OR patients age 18-39 with lifestyle risk factors

High Risk:

Patients age 40 and older with lifestyle risk factors or patients with a history of oral cancer

Highest Risk:

Lifestyle risk factors for oral cancer include:

  • Tobacco use (any type, any age, within 10 years)
  • Alcohol consumption of at least 1 drink per day (3 ounces of hard liquor, 4 ounces of wine, or 12 ounces of beer)

Other risk factors:

  • Immune deficiencies such as HIV & AIDS
  • Human Papilloma Virus, particularly HPV 16/18

Identafi Insurance Coverage

Your medical and dental insurance benefits should not dictate the standard of care that you receive from a dental professional. This is especially important for screening procedures, such as the Identafi screening. Those of us who want their patients to receive the highest quality standard of care make available Pre-oral Cancer Screening technology.

Dental Insurance

The American Dental Association has established a dental insurance procedure code that applies to the Pre-Oral Cancer screening. Your dental plan may cover this procedure but at time, most do not.

Medical Insurance

Your medical insurance company may also cover the Identafi Pre-Oral Cancer screening. There are medical insurance codes that have also been used to obtain insurance reimbursement for the this diagnostic screening.Although a valid diagnostic procedure, many or most medical carriers still do not allow benefits for this type of oral cancer screening.

Medical Spending Accounts or MSAs, if offered by your employer, are an excellent option to use for reimbursement of your Identafil screening. Healthcare Savings Accounts, HSAs, can also be an option for reimbursement of your annual Identafi screening. In any case, be sure to get documentation of the Identafi screening from your dental office and submit a copy of this, along with your receipt, for reimbursement.

What if my claim is denied?

Not all Medical or Dental Insurance or Benefit Plans will have allowances for Pre-Oral Cancer Screening. This is unfortunate but Insurance carriers are many times 'behing the times' in the latest technology and testings - as well as being in the business to make money - and the less they have to 'pay out' for claims means more money for their stockholders.

Zila Pharmaceuticals has prepared sample appeal letters for you to send to your insurance company in the event that your submission for reimbursement has been denied.

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