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Panoramic X-Ray Diagnostics

Panoramic X-Ray

Panoramic X-Rays allow for the visualization of the entire upper and lower jaws and teeth in addition to much of the sinus cavities.

A panoramic x-ray is another diagnostic aid and is used for detection of unerupted teeth (like impacted wisdom teeth), cysts or tumors in the jaws, development of primary (baby) and permanent (adult) teeth, periodontal disease in that of crest/bone height loss associated with the teeth, various diseases that may involve the bone of the jaws, etc.

Panoramic X-Rays are usually taken every 3 to 5 years unless certain diseases or medical problems or medications would so warrant a more frequent view or screening of the bones of the upper and/or lower jaws. Most Dental Benefit Plans will cover panoramic X-Rays on a 3 year cycle (the cycle may vary as to the particular insurance or benefit plan) --- Even though some time constraints may apply, panoramic X-Rays are sometimes needed on a more frequent basis for diagnostic purposes and patients need to realize that insurance or benefit allowances DO NOT determine when or the need for diagnostic X-Rays (as the panoramic).

Routine Bite-Wing or Periapical X-Rays do not show nearly as much and in quanity allow for the use of more radiation. Panoramic X-Ray radiation levels are extremely low - as are all dental X-Rays (as compared to medical X-Rays). And digital X-Rays use even less radiation and patient risk than traditional dental X-Rays.

This office uses digital panoramic X-Ray equipment which means quicker and more accurate imaging as well as a greatly reduced amount of radiation needed.

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